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Dear Racing Friend,

What you are about to learn are the secrets of completely fool proof and incredibly successful betting systems. 

Whatís more anyone regardless of experience can profit from them.  

You will be shown exactly how you can walk into any high street bookmakers and place a series of bets.

Then we will show you how you can sit back and watch the profits roll in, gaining a second income.

In fact, we can show you how to make more than that, and make this kind of money every week.

And remember that itís legal and completely ethical.


And Completely TAX-FREE!


Now, we know why you may have thought about the betting game being difficult to master.

But these systems blow all of those arguments out of the water.

In fact, if you are in any way serious about making money without effort...

...then you are about to be pleasantly surprised.

If you continue reading, you will find out how you can make regular profits from horseracing.

And this is the important part, because once you know why you can make money this way you just wonít be able to stop yourself from continuously making a clear profit every time you bet.

So letís get the facts out of the way....

First of all, no one of sound mind blindly backs in every race.

The reason no one does this is because they know they will make a loss if they do. 

In fact, the loss they would make if they did this every race would cancel out anything they won.

Hardly a money-making machine, we think youíll agree.

So using betting systems, if done right, can make you a hefty profit.

Getting the picture?

Letís move on...

Letís get this straight, right now, no other betting systems in the world will make you the kind of money that these make, and that is a fact.

Here are the mathematical facts.

If you blindly bet only on favourites for any one week in the last twenty years you would have made a loss during that week of only £4.28.

Thatís with level stakes of £1.00. 

Thatís right only £4.28.

However, over the same time period and with the same bet amount (£1.00), if youíd bet on 6/1 shots, you would have seen a loss of around £25.

Thatís £25.00.

If you worked on 12/1 shots, try around £37.

And the 33/1 shots?

Make that around £62.

There is your first bit of solid proof then.

We learned that backing horses blindly brings you only losses.

However, if we backed only shorter prices, our losses were never anything more than small.

As you can see from the facts above, being selective (and therefore increasing your strike rate) is the only way to keep losses down, and to make profits.

You see, itís all about being intelligent.

You wouldnít put your income in danger on purpose, would you?

So why do anything other than be selective?

The systems contained in ĎHow To Make Your Living From A Betting Shopí use betting in such a sensible, and intelligent way, that your money is kept safe, and you make daily profit.

It is that simple.  

In fact, you will see your betting income dramatically increase after you have read the systems.

And that is guaranteed.

So now you know the facts that matter, just look at this amazing collection of betting systems...

Now, letís give you some more details on what the systems contain for you...

  • Youíll get clear instructions on how to manipulate betting that will make you profit, every day.

  • You will become the only punter in the bookmakers who will consistently pick winners.

  • You are going to be shown how you can make profit from betting from only £2 a time.

Whatís more, you can start using these systems straight away and start making money now.

We own full copyright on them, which means they wonít be used or passed on by anyone else.

You canít get any more exclusive than that.

In fact itís fairly safe to say you are about to join a very exclusive club.

Now, letís just reiterate.

Before you start thinking that the systems contained in 'How to Make Your Living from a Betting Shop' are anything other than completely new to you, unique and proven, think again.

Iíll say it again...these systems are unique, and completely proven.

And you know what else?

  • You donít need a computer.

  • And you do not have to do any complex calculations.

What you are going to witness is the simplest possible way to make money from betting.

If you use computers, then you can of course do it online if you like.

If you donít, head for the high street.

Itís more fun that way.

This is about real betting, not some fancy software system.

One other thing you should be aware of, and this most definitely shows how foolproof the systems are, you can use these systems anywhere in the World.

You can use them in Australia if you like, or France.

Bet in Tibet, if thatís what you like to do.

It doesnít matter.

The systems are universal; theyíre based on universal rules on betting.

You Are Going To Be Making Money, Wherever You Are, From Backing Horses, Guaranteed!

Letís get real for a minute.

This is the cold reality here.

These systems allow you to make money every day from betting.

You will walk out of the betting shop every time with a profit.

The strike rate, to be honest, will get you talked about.

Everyone in the bookmakers will marvel at your ability to pick winners.

They will be even more impressed with your ability to walk out of the place every week with a second income.

You can start making money in your first 60 minutes.  

Thatís profit.

Letís put it another way.

You really cannot fail to make money quickly after using the systems.

You see, if you donít buy  ĎHow To Make Your Living From A Betting Shopí, you are hampering your chances to make money from betting.

And you would continue to lose money.

And thatís real money.

Something I am deadly serious about.

The bottom line is that no other betting systems will ever make you money like the ones contained in ĎHow To Make Your Living From A Betting Shopí.

And I am prepared to put my own money on the line to prove it.

You are going to be shown, when you get the system, how to start making money within 60 minutes.

And thatís money that doesnít involve spending hours watching the form on your computer screen.

You can forget all that.  This is the real deal, simple, honest, and proven to bring profit.

Hereís one single piece of proof why you are going to make money.

For the last 20 years, the average strike rate of betting on favourites has been around the 33% mark.

In fact, it has never actually strayed below the 30% mark.

So betting on favourites, as a long term strategy, will naturally make you money 30% of the time!

A caveat, though, just in case you think you will walk into the bookmakerís tomorrow and come out a millionaire.  

You will never bet, with these systems, on anything other than likely winners.

This is a patient, professional way of making an income on a regular basis.  

Imagine getting racing systems to work for you, and that is what you are getting.  

The whole world of racing, punching their time clocks for you.

You will make a regular weekly income.

And, we think youíll agree, there is nothing wrong with that.

All the small fry winners, the 6/4 winners, the 7/2 winners, and so on, they certainly add up!

Over time, they bring you serious cash.

And since we can guarantee that these horses will win for you if you use these systems, you can see why the systems are already a major talking point.

In fact, using these systems has brought in as much as 154 winners in one month!

So ask yourself, why bet on long shots and get nothing, when you can bet on safety shots and make 154 wins in a month?

Special Bonus

ďBoost Your Profits From Betting With This Collection of Proven Staking Systems!Ē

Intended For Professional Gamblers, These Methods Are Now Being Made Available To Everyone

So youíve found a way of finding winners on a regular basis.

Now what?

Do you blindly back each one to level stakes or do you employ a staking system to get the most out of these winners?

Of course youíll want to be sure that the staking systems you use are the best.

Here is a collection of staking methods that could turn any selection system into a winning one.

How do you maximize your profits?

By getting this, you will open the door to an amazing amount of knowledge.

Years worth of knowledge!  Sound good?

This is a collection of the most amazing betting advice available anywhere on the planet.

This is the real deal.

Staking systems that have made thousands of pounds from betting have been included.

If you get these today you will receive all there is to know about betting to win.

For many years, these staking systems have been helping people achieve the ability to earn consistent profits through betting.

Not with miracles but with the tools of our trade, the systems that work the numbers in your favour.

How does this work?

Well, as any successful systems better knows, the numbers donít produce magic, they produce predictable results.

With predictable results you can build predictable profits.

You'll get all of the background information, a detailed explanation of terms, and a breakdown of the steps.

The Pro Staking Systems is a solid piece of betting knowledge and I feel lucky to be able to share it with you.

Trust me, you'll definitely want to use them.

These staking systems will improve your betting - I guarantee it but you must move fast to get the most of today's or tomorrow's racing.

In a very short time from now, you will have in your hands ĎHow To Make Your Living From A Betting Shop'.

The systems that will make some people very well off.

The systems that can bring you a steady income, guaranteed.

You wont believe how great these systems are until you read them.

What you will receive are systems that offer a step-by-step breakdown of exactly what you have to do to get yourself into the top echelons of sports betting.

Thatís winning every week.

In fact, you can even road test the whole thing.

Run a few bets on paper, against the real world running.

And if you donít see, on paper, a profit in 60 days, you can return the manual and Iíll refund your entire fee.

You can even keep the systems.

Thatís a proper income every week in your pocket, or Iíll give your entire fee back!

Do I sound confident?

Thatís because I have every right to be.

This thing works.

But donít wait any longer, you need the systems.

You are wasting valuable betting time even now.

There are limited copies of ĎHow To Make Your Living From A Betting Shopí available.

I donít make any apologies about that.

I want to send it to people who are serious about treating horseracing betting with respect, those who love betting basically.

Weíve done our forecasts, and we expect all copies to sell out very soon.

Ask yourself, do I want to start making a profit from betting, or miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime?

And here is something extra special.

Weíve copyrighted this thing to the hilt.

There is no other product like this in the World.

Which Means You Will Become One Of Only A Select Few People, In The Whole World.

I hope you understand how valuable these systems are.

You could realistically start raking in hundreds or even thousands every month using sure-fire systems that have taken years of experimentation.

You can order ĎHow To Make Your Living From A Betting Shopí now, for just £77.

Still have questions? No problem! Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: I'm new to all this, will these systems be hard for me to follow?

A: No, not at all! We explain everything you need to do. We show you step-by-step how to identify and place your bets on the right horse every single time!

Q: Can I make my bets anytime I want to? Do I have to be present at my computer to make my bets?

A: Yes, you can place your bets anytime you want to (as long as it's before the race). All the odds are put up way before the races so you can place your bets every single morning before work within 5-10 minutes. You do not have to be at your computer at all, just 10 minutes a day is all you need!

Q: How much money do I really need to make this system work?

A: You can make these systems work with any sized betting bank. We've had punters use £500 to start and we've had punters only start with £50. It's all up to how much YOU can afford and your risk tolerance.

Q: Do you offer customer service?

A: Yes, we're in this with you! Simply drop us an e-mail with your question and we'll promptly return your e-mail with a response within 24 hours!


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